An Evening with Cuban Poet Nancy Morejón!

 nancyJoin us tonight in the Koret Auditorium  to meet and hear the noted Cuban poet, essayist, editor, critic and cultural figure Nancy Morejón!
 Morejón is the author of numerous books of poetry and critical essays. She is currently the editor of UNION the journal of the Union of Artists and Writers of Cuba (UNEAC) and is also the past recipient of Cuba’s National Poetry Prize. A short film by professor and film maker Juanamaria Cordones-Cook on Morejón’s poem “I Love My Master” will also be shown.
The program will be in English and Spanish. Hosted by Tony Ryan of The Turquino Project, the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library and the friends of NancyMorejón in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information

Thursdays at Readers Poetry Series: Alejandro Murguía and Rosemary Manno

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TODAY we are excited to have  Alejandro Murguía and Rosemary Manno read!

alejandro Alejandro Murguía is the author of Southern Front and This War Called Love (both winners of the American Book Award). He is a founding member and the first director of The Mission Cultural Center. Currently he is a professor in Latina Latino Studies at San Francisco State University. He is the author of the short story “The Other Barrio” recently filmed in the street of the Mission District. This year City Lights Books released his new book Stray Poems. In May 2014 the SF Weekly named him Best Local Author. He is the Sixth San Francisco Poet Laureate and the first Latino to hold the position.

A  Poem for My Hat

For Jack Hirschman and Agneta Falk

In Memory of Roque Dalton

Today I want to wear a hat

step out on my porch

in a big floppy one

and wave hello to the world

Or maybe a mysterious fedora, brim down low

I’d investigate the missing Brown Buffalo

Perhaps a Greek fisherman’s cap—a song to the briny deep—

sirens and mermaids rocking me

Oh a big old Mexican sombrero would do

with silver thread along the edge

that would hurt because of you

I could create a krazy kat hat with balloons and milagritos

on the crown and I’d stroll down Mission Street

leading a lobster on a leash

I could style a brown beret—cocked over angry eyebrow

and shout Power to the People and other slogans I forget


Maybe I’ll try a cloud

with a blue ribbon  tied around it like a song

Or none of that—

Today I’m going to wear the sky as my hat

and then I’ll pass it on to you

so you can wear it too


—Alejandro Murguía


Rosemary Manno has lived in San Francisco since 1983.  She grew up in Buffalo, New York and has lived in Paris whenever possible. Most winters she travels to her beloved Mexico with artist-musician Roger Strobel.  They’ve shared a home life in North Beach for many years.  She is poet, artist, lover of foreign tongues, the natural world and revolutionary struggle.  Her work has appeared in numerous chapbooks, magazines and anthologies.  Her forthcoming collection is entitled Marseille.


What the Beatniks Saw in North Beach

Like an old Roman road

Grant Avenue

one morning

Panama Canal Ravioli

sheets of dough dry on the marble table

dusted with flour

dusted with life


Wine flows like Roman fountains

downtown is at the other end of the country


Vistas wrap around like summer morning fog

immigrants and bohemians

the lights of Alameda

the bridge to the east

flanked by the bay

and two of the seven hills


We’re only in San Francisco

but we see the Trevi Fountain everywhere


Ode to Michelangelo Park at Twilight

Beyond the west wall

the gold rush ramparts

a night flight twinkles through the fog at dusk


Truth has a strange face

it cleanses everything

all traces vanish

as I repent in the hour of shame and prayer

in the hour of praise and beauty

while the old country

on the other side  of the ocean

appears like a map in the clouds


Bells peal

large birds arrive on the nearest branch

up the hill in my cathedral


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New Poem by Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

I Am Concerned about The War


what war?

the one, they say,

With thousands now dead,

Ukraine refugees say aid is …



about the war

Palestinians watched as an Israeli bomb, top,

flew toward a building in Gaza City on Saturday.

They scrambled to run away from debris after it …



… Thursday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

called ISIS an

“imminent threat to every interest we have,”

adding, “This is beyond anything …


I said, I am concerned

The 2014 Ebola outbreak is one of

the largest Ebola outbreaks in history

and the first in West Africa. It is affecting …


the war the disease the shooting in

After two weeks of violent protests

that have rocked this St. Louis suburb of 21,000,

the police tasked with keeping the …


Caffe in North Beach

protected…they keep coming

in in clusters, five or six

at a time, not in pairs

like they did when we was kids…


I am concerned.

I don’t feel safer.

Why don’t I feel safer?