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Bombings drones rape
And ethnic cleansing
Donald Trump Bill Gates and the Pope
All selling their own brand of dope

A Mayor who is a joke
A bus system that doesn’t work
Head cases set loose on the streets
Punk rockers with rainbow colored hair
Women with nose rings
And pierced genitals
Viagra for the disinterested
Ginseng for tired blood

My illusions are fighting
A duel with my delusions
The last time I picked up
An airport white courtesy phone
The voice on the other end was mine

The dates on my calendar are blank
My answering machine spits back
Messages in Chinese

The pinball machines has no flappers
There’s no prize in my crackerjack box
My radio plays only commercials
My hand holds my cock in contempt
My love life is an unread resume
With one to many references

I dreamed I was a gunrunner
Trading hardware for software
I want my picture on a cereal box
Not the back of a milk carton

The IRS is a legal shake down
The Pentagon a slaughterhouse
Jack the Ripper sliced and diced
His way through life’
And he wasn’t even a chef

Freud was impotent
But put on a good show
Monks know the answer to life
But won’t share it

You know you’re in trouble
When your shrink deals in fantasies
And leaves you with his reality

My life has become a distraction
No additions no subtractions
When it becomes an abstraction
I’ll know I’ve found success

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Best Things of the Week

Best Things of the Week

March 30, 2015


DAVID-VANN--644x362Best Thing I Saw All Week: David Vann in conversation with Tom Barbash (Part of Litquake’s Epicenter Series at Veracocha): Unfamiliar with Vann going into this, he proved quite fascinating, so I’m currently reading his Goat Mountain (more later). He included his email address in his inscription saying ‘Let me know what you think,’ and seemed to mean it. Vann, whose work has often been compared to Cormac McCarthy’s, refreshingly pulls no punches, calling Blood Meridian ‘the best American novel and by quite a distance’ and The Road ‘a piece of shit.’ At the bar I’d run into a semi-well-known novelist and I’d been lending a sympathetic ear to his ongoing five-year struggle with his latest when we were summoned to sit down. Vann moved inevitably into talking about his process which involves writing a first, and only, draft, marching through the manuscript from beginning to end, “I don’t struggle, I don’t rewrite, it all comes pretty easily,” he was saying. My novelist/friend who had, until this point, been leaning forward intently listening, leaned back and out of the corner of a big grin whispered in my ear “What an asshole!”

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