A CONFUCIAN ODE: DROUGHT, a poem by Neeli Cherkovski

A CONFUCIAN ODE: DROUGHT snow tiptoed in snow one more moment lone lean star load alone in genital repose smooth windows linger on plates of old dirt… as place names disappear down rabid throats nobody knows which tree is meant for them on the precipitous slope wide winding will of the heart pull color out […]

Nightingale, a poem by Neeli Cherkovski

NIGHTINGALE when the nightingale speaks of the poor she means the poor in spirit building up into monstrous tomes… she means to point out the good qualities of failed men no one will murder her unless a carpeting of clouds deigns to shut her down though the valley of castles may delight our eyes and […]

Thursdays at Readers Poetry Series: Deema Shehabi & Dennis Bernstein

Join us every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in our Readers Bookstore Fort Mason for our weekly FREE poetry series! Browse books and enjoy a glass of wine while listening to internationally acclaimed poets and artists such as Jonathan Richman, David Meltzer, Diane di Prima and California Poet Laureate Al Young. The series is  curated by Friends’ Resident Poet Jack […]

THE WORLD’S LAST RODEO, a poem by A. D. Winans

  THE WORLD’S LAST RODEO   Strange this trip back in time Not with flesh and blood But in disguise of words   The muscles the cells changing Dying and yet somehow surviving Traveling through a warped time tunnel Through an origin you cannot remember Because there is no you to remember it Walking behind […]

Best Things of the Week 4/27/15

  Best Things of the Week by Byron Spooner April 27, 2015   Best Thing I Saw All Week: SFJazz Poetry Festival curated by Ishmael Reed: We skipped Saturday’s San Jose poets out of a mix of snobbery and a simple need for a break in the four-nights-running affair, but the much-anticipated Sunday of San […]

Beatnik Shindig in June

This should be a fantastic event.  Friends will be sponsoring and providing space for events. BJS.  Read here. http://www.beatnikshindig.com/hoodline-beatnik-shindig-in-june-will-feature-poets-scholars-artists-more/

Best Things of the Week 4/20/15

Best Things of the Week   by Byron Spooner  April 20, 2015  Best Thing I Saw All Week: SFJazz Poetry Festival curated by   Ishmael Reed: On Thursday night’s Berkeley Poets, Robert Hass performed what a more religious man than I would call a small miracle at the top of the bill, delivering an ecstatic set of […]

He’s in a Picture of a Guitarist in the Forest, a poem by Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

He’s in a Picture of a Guitarist in the Forest 1. reading … through time   or the music  everywhere if it is not here. listen to the mountain:   …go back maybe.   2. signs scrapped from numbers   re-write what happened revisit from the past to the present ..before words for the numbers […]

Dialogue, a poem by Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

Dialogue   i. He said, Adorno said,   “Philosophy, which once seemed to be overcome,   remains alive, because the moment of its realization was missed. “   ii. I repeat, He said he heard –Adorno.   iii. I said— this:   The Form of Looking Back at Time   i. With a hesitation, blind […]

Poetry in Farsi and English by Mahnaz Badihian

Check this out.  Mahnaz Badihian reads in Farsi and English at our Thursdays at Readers event. Jack Hirschman does the intro.  There’s poetry every Thursday night from 6:30 – 8:00 PM.  This Thursday, 2/13/14 : Michael Warr and Boadiba. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXGsnOb7JyU