Blog Revenge

By Marcia Schneider The Count of Monte Cristo, a tale of injustice, betrayal, jealousy, reversal of fortune, and vengeance, written by French novelist Alexandre Dumas in the mid-19th century, is a rich and complex novel, set in France, Italy and the Mediterranean. It employs a huge cast of characters, and weaves the contemporary history of […]

Here come the librarians: ALA Annual Conference 2011

By Marcia Schneider The American Library Association was the first organization to bring a large national conference to New Orleans post Katrina, in June 2006. Chris Rose, former columnist for the Times-Picayune, wrote an Op-Ed piece titled And the Librarians Shall Lead Them, praising the librarians and predicting that the conference would be a turning […]

Public Library: An American Commons

By Marcia Schneider Public libraries, long recognized as a refuge for readers, students, intellectuals, the economically disadvantaged and more, have an increasingly important role in our society as community gathering place.  Open to all, this most democratic of all public institutions is undergoing an evolution, thanks to new technologies and the downturn in the economy.  […]

Back Stories: The Gun 1974

By Marcia Schneider It was March of 1974 and I was a freshly minted, newly hired librarian at the San Francisco Public Library, assigned to work at the Anza Branch, located in the outer Richmond District. Anza is only blocks from the western edge of the City, where daily, chilly grey fog funnels in off […]


By Marcia Schneider Rain or shine, there is perhaps no greater pleasure than to curl up in a comfortable chair, with a beloved cat or dog nearby or in your lap to keep you company, steaming mug of tea or coffee and bar of chocolate close at hand, to devour a well-crafted mystery. Fortunately, there […]

Best Books 2010

By Marcia Schneider It’s that time of year again. No, not yet time to break the New Year’s resolutions, but rather, to make a new one, assembling a must read list for 2011. But first, make sure you didn’t miss the best from 2010. As the old year came to an end, holiday-related events proliferated, […]

Books for Children and Teens

By Marcia Schneider In keeping with the approaching holidays, reading to a child makes the perfect gift. Finding age appropriate materials for children and teens, however, can be a challenge, and the perennial best sellers are only the tip of the iceberg of the high quality books being published that are available in libraries and […]

Holiday Cooking

By Marcia Schneider Halloween and the election are both over and San Francisco has celebrated the return of the victorious Giants as well as election of a new Governor. While most of the little vampires and pirates have put away their costumes for another year, black beards, orange hair and panda hats are still prevalent […]

Children’s Picture Stories

By Marcia Schneider A recent New York Times story, Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children, reporting on a downturn in bookstore sales of pictures stories, was deeply disturbing, with a logic that was counterintuitive. Why would we deprive our youngest readers of the imaginative and creative qualities of beautifully illustrated books in favor […]

Civic Dialogue

By Michelle Jeffers and Marcia Schneider Zeitoun by Dave Eggers is a book that every person in this earthquake prone, diverse Bay Area should read. It is a story about integrity, friendship, trust, loyalty and doing right by one’s community. It is a story that demonstrates the power of one. But, perhaps most importantly, it […]