Literary Forever

A good book can change your life, or so it goes. Books, poems, literature and the written word have touched the hearts and souls of thousands of people around the world and inspired art in all forms, tattooing, being one of them. With two websites devoted entirely to literary tattoos, Contrariwise: Literary Tattoos and The […]


By Katie Sue Ambellan We were so excited when the record finally arrived. My partner, Greg, a huge fan of the band, The Gaslight Anthem, had special ordered their album Handwritten months in advance.  As we sat listening and perusing the vinyl-exclusive lyrics insert, we noticed something strange–it was typed. We had a laugh about […]

Writers, Weather and Cats

It’s raining here in San Francisco and when the sky is grey and the wet weather is seemingly never ending, we here at The Readers Review like nothing more than to get warm and cozy inside, and curl up with a good book and a cat. Apparently, we are not alone!  We stumbled upon  Writers […]

Big Book Sale Brings in $225,000 for the SF Public Library

Hundreds of book lovers, community members and Friends flocked to Fort Mason Center’s Festival Pavilion for the 48th Annual Big Book Sale. The six day extravaganza brought in $225,000 supporting  the San Francisco Public Library’s education programs that promote literacy for children, teens and adults. A special thanks to our volunteers, sponsors and everyone who […]

Hotel replaces printed Bibles with Kindles

Now that’s a headline that caught our interest! According to a recent CNN article, the InterContinental Hotels Group is replacing the pulp with electronic versions of the Bible, loaded on Kindle e-readers at the Hotel Indigo in Newcastle, England. The decision is part of a pilot program by Gideons International, which distributes over 84 million […]


As we sit back and enjoy the 2012 Olympics, we are reminded of the trials, tribulations, sweat and tears men and women endure in order to gain a spot on the Olympic team. Although most of us aren’t record holding runners or goal scoring soccer players, we can live vicariously through our list of the […]

City Librarian Luis Herrera Gets Presidential Nomination!

Not only is he Librarian of the Year, but San Francisco City Librarian Luis Herrera just received a nomination by President Barack Obama to serve on the National Museum and Library Services Board. Comprised of 20 experts, the national advisory board advises the director of the  National Museum and Library Services Board (IMLS),  former San […]

Good for something.

Books are good for lots of things–knowledge, reference, imagination, learning, fun, to name a few.  But some books over time have been rendered almost irrelevant. Such is the case with most encyclopedias. As our friends over at The Bold Italic mention, “if any of us owned encyclopedias today, there’s a slim chance that we’d choose […]

Bookstore Beauties

By Katie Sue Ambellan It’s a fact:  bookstores around the world are closing. In 2011, more than six bookstores in San Francisco closed, and that is not counting the liquidation of the massive book and media retailer, Borders. But in San Francisco, we still have amazing independent bookstores like City Lights Books and Books Inc. […]

Colberty Tales with Maurice Sendak

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive By Katie Sue Ambellan I love Steven Colbert.  A man who’s satire that knows no end, Colbert recently sat down with author Maurice Sendak—a man who’s endless imagination has inspired millions around the world—to talk about the one thing he hasn’t […]