Poetry in Farsi and English by Mahnaz Badihian

Check this out.  Mahnaz Badihian reads in Farsi and English at our Thursdays at Readers event. Jack Hirschman does the intro.  There’s poetry every Thursday night from 6:30 – 8:00 PM.  This Thursday, 2/13/14 : Michael Warr and Boadiba. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXGsnOb7JyU

Olympic Reading by Byron Spooner

Olympic Reading   If you’ve decided not to watch the Olympics—and there are many obvious reasons not to—or if you just get bored with all the vapid booster-ism, the brain-dead jingoistic blather and the endless human interest stories, I can recommend a couple of books you might want to read either instead of watching or […]

THE RIVER & THE THREAD, Reviewed by Byron Spooner

THE RIVER & THE THREAD Reviewed by Byron Spooner Rosanne Cash’s last CD was called The List; an album of covers released in 2009 and drawn from a list given to her by her father of his one hundred essential country songs. The Man in Black intended his daughter to draw inspiration from the list, […]

Friends to bring Rare Books at San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair

  Coming up fast is the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Print and Paper Fair. This year the fair will be held at Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center. A huge gathering of readers, collectors, dealers, and fans of the printed word and image, the fair is a terrific weekend destination. On display will be 200 […]

New Arcane by Jack Hirschman: The Amiri Arcane

Published in this space fort he first time:   THE AMIRI ARCANE In Memory of Amiri Baraka (1934-2014)   1. To give it out and keep on keeping on giving it out with savvy in sound, sound-wise profoundly in dem- otic slang of a people whose fire’s made all the people of here-and-now for twenty […]

Elmore Leonard

By Byron Spooner The world is a slightly less cool place now that Elmore ‘Dutch’ Leonard has died. I started reading Leonard in the early eighties when my business partner shove as copy of Stick under my nose and said, “Read this guy, he’s right up your alley.” I quickly breezed through Stick—a completely different […]

Mingled Destinies

By Byron Spooner One of the benefits of hanging around on the fringes of San Francisco’s arts culture is the occasional chance to attend a truly wonderful, historic event.  The kind of event you just know you’re going to have to raid the dog’s college fund to go to. Well, the dog is going to […]

Salman Rushdie: Infernal Genius or What? Part II

By Byron Spooner PART II I tried to funnel off some the boredom and make myself feel better by starting another book.  After all, sometimes reading something else in tandem with a difficult book will move the whole project along, or at least create the illusion of progress. I’ve heard it can work, that’s all […]

Salman Rushdie: Infernal Genius or What? Part I

By Byron Spooner  PART I I feel like such a moron. Pretty much as a matter of habit I set aside an hour or so each night before going to sleep just for reading.  I set aside another hour or so in the morning for the same purpose.  That’s almost ten percent of my day. […]

Dylan at the Greek

By Byron Spooner Strange. The fog, call it drizzle, blew in and out, in and, finally, out of Berkeley’s Greek Theater.  It never quite took over, giving us a mild Friday night; most of the heavy clothes we brought stayed in the tote bag.  Mark Knopfler’s band had surrendered the stage, finishing a sturdy, well-received, […]