The Necessity of Books

All book lovers will recognize a little of themselves in this.  — BJS Read here.

Olympic Reading by Byron Spooner

Olympic Reading   If you’ve decided not to watch the Olympics—and there are many obvious reasons not to—or if you just get bored with all the vapid booster-ism, the brain-dead jingoistic blather and the endless human interest stories, I can recommend a couple of books you might want to read either instead of watching or […]

Four Amazing Mini Libraries That Will Inspire You to Read

Hello Readers Review readers! My name is Katherine Jardine and I am the Administrative Assistant at Friend of the San Francisco Public Library. I’ll be sharing interesting, odd and always inspiring articles about libraries, books and things slightly beyond. Check out this article that was posted this week on the website Good about mini libraries: Libraries are […]

Salman Rushdie: Infernal Genius or What? Part III

By Byron Spooner Part III When The Satanic Verses came out in 1989 I appeared on KSFO with host Noah Griffin, along with Bruce Brugmann and Ishmael Reed to discuss the fatwa the book had provoked.  During a commercial break, Noah informally polled the panel, asking if any of us had actually read the book.  […]

Call Me Trimtab

By Mary Ellen Hannibal This past Friday I was out in the tide pools at Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay, helping Julie Waters and other folks from the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve count nudibranchs.  Nudibranch means “naked gill” and most species look like a piece of drag queen, flagrant blogs with feathery decorations that sit […]

Salman Rushdie: Infernal Genius or What? Part II

By Byron Spooner PART II I tried to funnel off some the boredom and make myself feel better by starting another book.  After all, sometimes reading something else in tandem with a difficult book will move the whole project along, or at least create the illusion of progress. I’ve heard it can work, that’s all […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Used Book Vending Machine

Forget sugary sodas and deep fried potato chips, The Monkey’s Paw, a Toronto-based book store, is filling it’s vending machine with a different treat–used books. The Biblio-Mat vending machine dishes out food-for-thought, rather than junk food for those who feed it $2 worth of coins.  Created by designer Craig Small and the store’s owner Stephen […]

The Elephant, and Everything Else, in Room after Room after Room

By Mary Ellen Hannibal Even though I have written a book about evolution, I confess to kneeling in awe at the concept.  And indeed, having read literally hundreds of papers and books explaining evolution from many a vantage point, I suspect that even brainiac scientists who can sketch out on cocktail napkins the molecular transfer […]

Re-reading Catch-22

By Byron Spooner “When I read something saying I’ve not done anything as good as Catch-22, I’m tempted to reply, ‘Who has?’”   -Joseph Heller Some years ago my wife and I took a vacation driving slowly up the coast from Marin to Portland, Oregon.  All the way we listened  to cassettes—which should give you an […]