Kicking Off with World Literature

The Necessity of Books

All book lovers will recognize a little of themselves in this.  — BJS Read here.

Natural Inheritance

By Mary Ellen Hannibal Robert Paine is a super-famous ecologist, the first person to really nail down the process known as a “trophic cascade,” by which top predators have a forcing effect that deeply impacts the entire food web.   Many years ago Paine did an experiment off the North Atlantic coast, removing sea stars (formerly […]

Digging Deep

Did you know that the San Francisco Public Library actually sits on top of an ancient Gold Rush era cemetery and the original City Hall, destroyed by the 1906 earthquake? Discover what else you may be standing above as the San Francisco Public Library presents an exhibit of the archeological remains from our city’s rich […]

Gear up for Fall Travel

Get out those hiking boots and open up your travel books! Whether you are still currently in school or trying to make a living sitting at a desk, everyone needs vacation time. Even if you can’t get away to do a little traveling, the Readers Review would like you to live vicariously through our top […]

Back to School Time!

Drop the beach ball and pick up your freshly sharpened pencils, because the first day of school is just around of the corner! As the leaves begin to turn red and the weather cools (well, heats up here in the city), we know that the first day of school is quickly approaching. In an anticipation […]


As we sit back and enjoy the 2012 Olympics, we are reminded of the trials, tribulations, sweat and tears men and women endure in order to gain a spot on the Olympic team. Although most of us aren’t record holding runners or goal scoring soccer players, we can live vicariously through our list of the […]

Mom’s the Word

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. As you take some time to think about your mom and all of the great things she did for you over the years, consider peeking into the lives of some literary (and cinematic) mamas that run the gamut from inspirational to downright terrifying. Some of these families will […]

Sherlock Holmes:

As Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law burst onto the big screen this month in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, lets pay homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the books that started it all. Grab your magnifying glass and pipe, and head over to your local branch library to check out […]

I Spy

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy opened recently with Oscar Buzz for Gary Oldman. (Give the man a nomination. It’s time.) If you didn’t see the movie yet, allow The Reader’s Review to whet your appetite for espionage with our list of best picks from the world of spies, moles, and government cover ups! **All titles available […]