Lovin’ Our Library Laureates: Brian Christian

This month we caught up with 2016 Library Laureate Brian Christian to discuss all things poetry and what makes libraries so valuable in this day and age. Brian Christian is the author of The Most Human Human, which was named a Wall Street Journal bestseller and a New Yorker favorite book of the year.  Christian […]

Lovin’ Our Library Laureates: Colin Winnette

  Last month we brought back the Library Laureates Gala and celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Main Library  with 35 of our favorite authors. This month we had the pleasure of catching up with Library Laureate Colin Winnette! Colin is the author of Revelation, Animal Collection, Fondly, Coyote, and Haints Stay. Coyote won Les Figues Press’s NOS Book Contest, and […]

Exhibition Opening: California’s Wild Edge – The Coast in Prints, Poetry and History

Renowned Woodcut artist Tom Killion will have his prints showcased at the Main Library’s Jewett Gallery from May 9 through July 5, 2015. These  prints combine exquisite color with dynamic composition to portray the coast’s ever-changing moods and diverse formations: storm tides crashing at Point Lobos, serene moonlit coves at Mendocino, and fog encircling the Golden […]

Path of the Pronghorn

Yesterday, our very own Mary Ellen Hannibal was featured on KPCW, Park City Utah’s NPR affiliate! Hannibal, author of  “The Slow Migration from Science to Policy”, in the current issue of High Country News, discusses the “Path of the Pronghorn,” which is the first (and only) animal migration to be protected by the government. Pronghorn date […]

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

By Mary Ellen Hannibal Amazing how things turn out. Don Lattin‘s best seller, The Harvard Psychedelic Club, catches a group of remarkable individuals at that seminal crossroads known as the seventies. While maybe an onlooker could have predicted how things would turn out for the merry prankster himself-Timothy Leary-who could have seen the future Dr. […]

From the Middle Woods

Neeli Cherkovski has been active in the Bay Area Poetry since the 1970’s.  His latest book, From the Middle Woods joins his many other published books of poetry, including Leaning Against Time (2004), Elegy for Bob Kaufman (1996), and Clear Wind (1984). Not only is Cherkovski an applauded poet, but he is also hosts popular […]

Wild Thing

By Mary Ellen Hannibal For those of us sitting in coffee shops or behind desks most of the day, the furious controversy that rages across the West concerning wolves seems bizarre and esoteric. On the one side are some ranchers and hunters who would seemingly like to eliminate wolves from the face of the earth; […]

Butt in Chair, Eyes on Page

By Mary Ellen Hannibal Well, there’s no requisite position for absorbing a sustained narrative, but sitting still helps.  Does nobody hunker down with a big, long book anymore?  Why have we turned into such grazers and twitchers and surface assessors? In The Lost Art of Reading: Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time, Los Angeles […]

Our Furbearers

By Mary Ellen Hannibal American history has been looked at every which way, and the questions we ask about our past will no doubt continue to change as our sensibilities do.  Eric Jay Dolin has written a highly engaging chronology of European incursion through these parts in Fur, Fortune, and Empire–focusing on yes, the fur […]

To See, To Say

By Mary Ellen Hannibal The word “graphic” has both Latin and Greek roots and also bridges the concepts of “writing” and “drawing.”  The graphic novel thus fulfills its etymology.  Belle Yang’s memoir, Forget Sorrow, likewise bridges two very different worlds – the past and the present—finding through lines not only of loss but also of […]