Mary Ellen Hannibal

Friends‘ board member Mary Ellen Hannibal is a writer and editor with experience in editorial, corporate communications and the nonprofit world.  A former book review editor, her writing has appeared in Esquire, the San Francisco Chronicle, Yoga Journal and many other publications.  She is the author of three books, most recently Evidence of Evolution (Abrams 2009).

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  1. I like reading your reviews, conversations, and comments, so I was dismayed to find that SFPL does not have a copy of Brian Cohen’s new book The Life O’Reilly in the system or on order. Nor could I locate it in the link+ system.

    Perhaps the book is not yet published?

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  3. Hi — I’m sorry this comes ridiculously long after you sent it. This particular book has been hard to get — but if you request that your local branch buy a copy, you may have some luck. Sorry to not be more helpful. Best, Mary Ellen

  4. Mary Ellen, I just received a copy of “Evidence of Evolution” from Amazon, and your text seems to be well worth reading, but the font contrast is just terrible (extremely low contrast), and I wonder if the text for this book is available somewhere else (separate), it seems that whoever edited the font contrast/colors, didn’t do their job…

  5. Hi — thank you for ordering Evidence of Evolution! I share your frustration with the type — as a friend commented, it’s “museumy.” I’ll never let another book of mine have type like that — in this case it never occurred to me to watch out for the intensity of the ink! When I got the galleys, I was horrified and it was too late…. That said, I can manage reading it pretty well under a strong light. Thank you so much — I hope you do find a way to read it comfortably. — Mary Ellen

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