Thursdays at Readers: Boadiba & Neeli Cherkovski

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This Thursday, April 21st, we are excited to have Boadiba & Neeli Cherkovski read!

imgresBoadiba is a Haitian poet and translator whose work has appeared in many publications and anthologies including Konch Magazine, Tribes, Malpais and volumes one and two of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade compilation. Short stories from her unpublished collection, Tales of Lust and Sorcery were featured in Konch and Left Curve.  Her collection of poetry, UNDER BURNING WHITE SKY was the basis for a one woman show performed at Live Oaks Theater in Berkeley. She is known for linking original poetry to traditional sacred songs of Haitian Vodou and story- telling in the traditional Haitian style; she has performed at the Reader’s Café, the Emerald Tablet, the Poetry Archives at SF State University, the Museum of African Diaspora, Yoshi’s and the Jazz Center in SF, at the Oakland Library, at Barnes and Noble in Emeryville, at the Gallery Lakay Literary Salon in Los Angeles, at the Miami Book Fair and at Tribes Gallery and the Shomberg Library in New-York.

By Boadiba

From my perch on the balcony looking down at neighbor’s yard

I see it’s lost its beauty

It’s hot and dry and dusty

And so is neighbor’s body.

Life’s carried him away

He has no will to weed

He has no way to water

He has no strength to plant.


I fill a big bucket and carry it on my head

To give each plant a drink

I cut off the dead things

And shore up the young tree

That’s almost lost its leaves


Now when I look down from the balcony

New leaves, little green plants, tiny star flowers

And this afternoon I saw neighbor

Bending over an unexpected bloom

Neighbor taking in the fragrance

Of a volunteer flower.



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