The Artist is Present: Big Book Sale Poster Signing with Illustrator Wayne Shellabarger!

Wayne's PortraitWayne Shellabarger is one of our favorite Bay Area artists, and we’re thrilled to have him join us this Sunday, April 3rd during our 6th Annual Spring Big Book Sale to sign posters!

Over the last two years, Wayne has illustrated & designed 4 posters for our Annual Spring and Fall Big Book Sales and the surge in popularity that our Big Book Sales have seen during this time span is in no small part to the talent and vision of Mr. Shellabarger.

We’re selling all 4 designs for only $10 each, or $20 for the collection! Come on down this Sunday, collect all 4 and meet the man behind these fabulous designs.




InterviewBig Book Sale Posters_ All Four with Wayne, originally posted on August 14th, 2015:

Wayne has illustrated numerous covers and articles for the San Francisco Bay Guardian (RIP) and has illustrated and designed the promotional posters for the 20th Anniversary of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. Wayne also designs the calendars and posters for the I Wake Up Dreaming Film Noir Festival.

His rock posters from the ’90s were published as “I’m Totally Helpless!” and he illustrated a book on the history of the U.S. Vice Presidents called, “Veeps: Profiles in Insignificance”, both published by Top Shelf Productions. He also illustrated Music We Like, the Amoeba Music shopping guide, from 1999-2013.

Favorite San Francisco library branch
I check out books from the Mission Branch and always find too much interesting stuff. You can’t beat the view from the Potrero Branch.

Last item you checked out from a library
See a Little Light“, Bob Mould.

Favorite section in a bookstore

Favorite artists
Will Elder, Jack Davis and Goya.

What other projects kept you busy this summer?
In July I finished a poster featuring Jayne Mansfield for The Castro Theatre’s Film Noir festival. Also, a beer label I designed is part of Blue Moon’s artist series beer labels.

What inspired you to draw when you were knee high?
I watched a lot of Perry Mason when I was a kid and became fascinated with the parade of ’50s character actors that went through the series. Their odd faces captivated me. Plus lots of comics. And, bringing up the rear, the startlingly complex and delicate beauty of the natural world.

Why do you think libraries are important / relevant today?
What explanation does “unlimited free books” need? Free access to ideas and information for the public sounds like a good idea to me. “Google it?” Sometimes you just don’t want to be connected to 4 billion people when reading or researching. The ambiance of a library is unbeatable for focused, undisturbed thought.

Why do you love working for and supporting the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library?
Keeping books and ideas in circulation is one of the most important activities one could possibly be involved in.




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