Lovin’ Our Library Laureates: Colin Winnette


Colin Winnette, Eli Horowitz, Rachel Khong, Andi Winnette

Colin Winnette with Eli Horowitz, Rachel Khong and Andi Winnette at the 2016 Library Laureates Gala

Last month we brought back the Library Laureates Gala and celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Main Library  with 35 of our favorite authors. This month we had the pleasure of catching up with Library Laureate Colin Winnette!


Photo By Jennifer Yinn

Colin is the author of Revelation, Animal Collection, Fondly, Coyote, and Haints Stay. Coyote won Les Figues Press’s NOS Book Contest, and Haints Stay was listed as a 2015 “Best Book of the Year” by Flavorwire, Litreactor, Largehearted Boy, and Slate. Coyote was listed as a 2015 “Best Book of the Year” by Flavorwire and the Washington Independent Review of Books.

What are you reading right now?

I just finished a book by Victor Pelevin called The Hall of the Singing Caryatids, which was excellent. I might read Danielle Dutton’s Margaret the First next.

Which poet of past would you most like to share a drink with?

Blake? No, wait. Probably not Blake.

 Last item you checked out from a library:

The Mephisto Waltz by Fred Mustard Stewart and Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald.

How do you envision libraries in the future?

Expanding to account for the various new ways we’re consuming stories and information, while staying connected to and supporting the structures that served and serve as critical foundations for these new modes.

Who were you excited to meet during Library Laureates?

Honestly, I was excited to meet most of the people there. I’m an enormous fan of Percival Everett’s work, which made me too nervous and awkward to actually strike up a conversation with him. But I was thinking about how to do it most of the night.

What projects are you working on right now?

A new novel and a collection of stories, both of which are very strange.

Favorite bookstore:

In San Francisco I love The Booksmith, my old stomping grounds. Also, Green Apple Books & Music, of course. There’s a bookstore called Recycled Books in my hometown (Denton, Texas) that is a sprawling three stories of books. It’s dusty and fantastic. Because there’s a university or two in town and it’s a pretty progressive place (for Texas), the selection there is topnotch and always changing.

Favorite San Francisco Public Library Branch Library:

I’m in the Mission, so I use the Mission Branch most of the time. But I do love the feel of walking around the Main Library.

Where do you write?

In my office or at the kitchen table. However, I used to work at the Asian Art Museum and I would sometimes spend my lunch breaks over in the Main, writing in the poetry stacks. There is nothing quite like walking the stacks and just randomly looking through lines/poems in books you might never have otherwise seen. Among many other things, that unique experience and source of inspiration is something the San Francisco Public Library gave me that I will never forget.

To learn more about Colin please visit his website at www.colinwinnette.net. Stay tuned for our interview with Library Laureate Brian Christian!

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