Thursdays at Readers: Tamsin Smith & Greg Pond

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This week’s featured poet(s): Tamsin Smith & Greg Pond

picture-41608Tamsin Smith  is a San Francisco poet, essayist, cultural entrepreneur, and social impact innovator. She uses the power of words and ideas to create movements like (RED), which empowered regular people to help generate over $300 million to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Her poetry has appeared in the verse collection Everything Indicates (Heyday Press) and Lightening Strikes (Dolby Chadwick Gallery). She is a fellow at the Aspen Institute and gives an annual poetry talk at the Action Forum each summer. Her essays on poetry, literature, rock & roll, and the beastliness and beauty of life can be found on the Huffington Post and She studied english literature at Kenyon College, and was awarded highest honors for her thesis on Vladimir Nabokov.




tumblr_inline_nqw53n6eZn1rzzdht_500Gregory Pond was born in Brooklyn, NY to parents born in Panama and moved to San Francisco in the late 1970’s.  He’s a single dad and grandfather.  Author and publisher of two books of poetry, aftermoon and Blackened Blue, both available now on Amazon.  He’s read his poetry all over the Bay Area and was a featured poet at the My First Love Poetry Festival organized by Guy Writers and SFQueerOpenMic and was a featured writer in the Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal.  He is a member of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade, as well as a volunteer reader and facilitator of Poetically Speaking, a conference-call program for seniors featuring classic and contemporary poetry.

Click below to read poetry by Tamsin and Gregory!

Impression of a Lone Arc Floating
By Tamsin Smith

The open space
Between head and heart
Lies here at lands end

I hover
At the edge of things

This city bob
Like Atlantis in the mist

At ease she beckons
Gathering the hemlines of my hungry mind
Like silk, she sweeps them up the leg of her shore

My thoughts wicking higher to thigh
Torso, salt-tasting
Weightless sand

Her sand like skin
Sand-skin shivering sea foam sighs

Surrendering sighs as waves
Naked as a sieve gives

Shell shards, half whorls, star shadows,
Driftwood, damp grass, moon scales, charms
Patterns & passages

Each luminous bubble
A broom of fluid thought

More vast than forgetting
Scooped upon my palm


volunteers of america
By Gregory Pond

(Inspired by “Volunteers” – Jefferson Airplane)


look what’s happenin’ out in the streets

the volunteers of america

are still fighting the police

after half a century,

nothing’s still the same

though nothing much has changed

cause we’re still getting grief

we’re still under siege

we’re systematically being eliminated

by the hands of the powers that be


look what’s happenin’ out in the streets

got a revolution, got to revolution to free

ourselves from the fear of tyranny

while we’re marching to be seen

maybe one generation got old

but all generations have lost their souls

while the power-craved and depraved

remain in total control

with a choke or stranglehold

over the likes of you and me


look what’s happenin’ out in the streets

people protesting black vs. blue

with white right in between

but somewhere in the midst of this

are we still deferring the dream?

it seems this nation’s got no destination

unless old, now and my generations

form a new federation for

american justice and peace:


we the people of the united states,

in order to form a more perfect revolution

demand justice and liberty

or there’ll be no domestic tranquility


just more folks protesting


from sea to shining sea.


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