The Mix at SFPL: Now Open!

The Mix now openTeens now have a dedicated space to make and learn with technology! Last month, the San Francisco Public Library unveiled The Mix at SFPL, a new learning space for teens. We are so proud to support this amazing new teen digital learning center and are excited to continue working with the Library to bridge the digital divide in the tech capitol of the world.

Thank you to all donors, partners and supporters who have worked hard with Friends and the SFPL to create this fantastic new center for the teens of San Francisco.

The Mix is a youth-designed, 21st century teen resource equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In addition to providing teens a safe space to hang out after school, The Mix also offers teens the chance to develop digital media and computer skills by engaging with highly specialized technologies.

Luis Herrera, City Librarian, says that the space “is a game-changer” and that teens are “the future of the library. This is the generation that is going to be not only tech-savvy, but information-savvy. It’s a different style of engagement. The teens are the ones telling us why libraries are still relevant.”

Some of the opportunities available in The Mix include access to a recording studio, a video production space, high-end computers for editing, and a makerspace that includes a 3D printer. Teens will also have the opportunity to engage in creative workshops that promote critical thinking, innovation and skill building.

Bay Area teens were involved in all aspects of the design process for The Mix, and provided input regarding the architecture, equipment and programming.

For more information, please visit The Mix at SFPL ‘s website:

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