Best Things of the Week 5/7/15

Best Things of the Week

by Byron Spooner

May 6, 2015


images[4]Best Thing I Saw All Week: Sons of Anarchy, Final Season: This looks at first glance like a  dystopian Biblical parable of some sort—son named Abel, town named Charming (Paradise?) overrun by heathens, protagonist as misunderstood peacemaker, the final scene a crucifixion—but those are mostly the conceits of the characters as written. Watching the Sons, lovably dimwitted psychopaths, blunder around central Cali battling competing gangs from Oakland to Reno to Eureka, as the qualities of murders progress from individual to serial to mass is tremendous fun. The police are either corrupt or nonexistent, civilians merely bystanders as these guys battle over turf, drugs, guns and women, tearing each other apart with impunity, even glee. Apparently our heroes shop at the store that sells bullets that fly straight, the villains at the discount place out on the highway. Begun in 2008, just as the nation was realizing the enormity of the blunder in Iraq, the series makes more sense as a semi-comic take on the American involvement in the Mideast. The warfare is tribal and mostly fought across racial lines instead of borders and all in the name of a lasting peace no one has defined. There is no end to the warfare in sight. All combatants buy their weapons from the same source (the Sons, who else?) and use them against each other and the source.  Hostages are tortured horrendously. The women are second-class citizens who can’t leave the house without being dressed a certain way, in this case as prostitutes, and who are mostly fucking-up the fun for the men by not staying in their place. The Sons may flatter themselves with all the anarchy bullshit but they are just the opposite; they want to control and rule, like Crusaders or ayatollahs, their hegemony over their domain and all of NorCal, and even parts of Ireland, absolute. And ordained, of course, by their imaginary god.

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