Literary Forever

A good book can change your life, or so it goes.

Books, poems, literature and the written word have touched the hearts and souls of thousands of people around the world and inspired art in all forms, tattooing, being one of them.

With two websites devoted entirely to literary tattoos, Contrariwise: Literary Tattoos and The Word Made Flesh, it’s clear that people have not only a passion for the books the love, but the desire to permanently ink their favorite quotes on their body.

According to Publishers Weekly, the book that has inspired the most tattoos is Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

“the single most popular book-inspired tattoo is, by far, “So it goes,” the mantra from Vonnegut’s most famous book. You’ll find the phrase on wrists (the most common location), forearms, upper backs, lower backs, shins, and feet. And that’s not all: the book’s other legendary phrase, “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt,” cropped up almost as much as “So it goes,” giving Slaughterhouse-Five two of the most-tattooed book phrases.”

Our friends over at Flavorpill have complied a list of the best literary quote tattoos, and inspired us to find some of our favorites, which we’ve complied on a sweet Pinterest board.  See any that we’re missing?  Send them our way!


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