Bayview Essay Contest-College Winner

Historic photos are from glass panels on the new Bayview Branch Library.

Bayview Essay Contest Winner:  Timothy B., Sophomore at San Jose State University

As a community of residents of the city of San Francisco, we must realize that we are getting equipped with the tools for success, now it is just time that we utilize this resource. The community of Bayview/Hunters Point is often referred to as a low income house area. It is also recognized in the city of San Francisco for being a very violent community. I have lived in the Bayview community for 19 years of my life and I did not allow the portrayed stereotypes of my community hold me back from achieving success.

Attending schools such as George Washington Carte and Gloria R. Davis College Predatory Academy in the Bayview/Hunters Point community, I was taught by teachers who wanted only what was best for their students. While attending George Washington Carte elementary school, I was equipped early with the knowledge that accessing the library and the content it provides will allow me to become successful in my academic endeavors. We would often take field trips to the Bayview Branch Library and read books as a class, and also for personal interest. I noticed at an early age that this place allows individuals and the community as a whole to grow.

I feel that people often complain about a lot of issues, but don’t take advantage of free resources which in the long run can actually be beneficial to you. The new library being built it will allow the community to recognize that we are begin given the resources, now all we have to do is go and use them.  Furthermore, when our community gains this awareness we will not only grow stronger, but show the government of San Francisco that we will utilize these resources being provided and it will open up the doors for more help and aid to strengthen our community.

The next reason why the Bayview Branch Library would allow the community to become stronger is that it would provide technology available to people who don’t have access to it. Technology can allow work to become easier because tools such as the computer allow you access to content faster helping further your studies that sometimes looking through books cant identity as fast. Also many people don’t have computers and access to technology, and this would be a great factory to a person’s studies. Technology also has been proven to be more effective sometimes than books because you access books on the internet as well as additional information during research.  At often times the community of Bayview/Hunters Point probably felt as if there was no concern intended for this area. This new branch library will allow the people of the community to know the city of San Francisco is working to build community like the Bayview District back up. With the technology that we are being given we will now realize that the tools are there and it will eventually lead to the growth of the community.

The new Bayview Branch library will also allow students, like myself, to come to a safe environment and study, as well as acquire material to help me in my academics.  I am currently am a sophomore attending San Jose State University as an aerospace engineering major, whose goals and dreams are to work for NASA improving space travel in our world. I currently commute from San Francisco to San Jose Monday through Thursday and I often find it challenging that I am not living on campus because I don’t have access to the library like many other students do. I rely on the library while at schools as much as I can because the library is the best place where I can achieve focus. Not only will the new library help others in my community, but it will allow me more time to study when I return from San Francisco. This would improve my studying and could even potentially allow me to do better on my writing assignments as well preparing for exams and presentations that I have every week. I view myself as a positive role model in my community and my behavior and actions motivate younger individuals who look up to me as a role model. By being this motivational force with people of the younger generation seeing me studying in the library, it will motivate them to study and educate themselves as well. This chain effect will eventually lead to more people following positive influences thus allowing our community to grow as a whole and become more educated.

Overall having a new built library will only allow the is community to become nothing but stronger. These are the types of gifts needed from benefactors of San Francisco to ensure the essential growth of our city and in this particular case, the growth of the Bayview Hunters Point. The progress is slowly happening in the community of Bayview/Hunters Point, but change is coming fast and we must adapt ourselves mentally for the road ahead. I think of resources like this as being in the army. I am being equipped with the tools and training to succeed, now I have to apply it in the real world (battlefield). My community has so much talent and potential, but being in the midst of the city that has seemingly forgotten about this community has morally stripped the confidence from our residents.

This new library will be the start of new light and change the mentality of the residents of the community. I would like to thank the city of San Francisco Public Library and other donators who help contribute to the renovation of the Bayview Branch Library branch. I speak for my community as a whole and want to let your know that this resource will not be put to waste.

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