Pop Up Bookstores

By Katie Sue Ambellan

At Friends, we know these people really well.  Many of them are our Members and they come to our Annual Big Book Sale and our Spring Book Sale.  They are book dealers with scanners who are using new technologies to stock their book stores, online stores and more.

We know the dealers who don’t use the scanners as well.  The sharp witted ones, who have been in the biz long enough to tell the value without the use of a machine. Frankly, we like them both the same.  As long as they are shopping at our sales, they are both supporting the San Francisco Public Library.

And now, a pair of those dealers (the kind that don’t use the scanners) are opening up a “pop up” bookstore called Scanners.  Get it?

The store, held inside the Minna Dresden Art Gallery, is temporary and is open until the end of the month.  Read more about it in the San Francisco Bay Guardian here.

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