North Carolina’ s Poet Laureate, sort of

This is funny/interesting/strange on so many levels.  I am a big fan of the fact that the titles of this poor poet’s books are listed ungrammatically, proving once again there is no final injustice, just the latest in a long string of ‘em.


Harper Lee Responds to ‘The Mockingbird Next Door’

Harper Lee strikes back:

Truman Capote Was A Psychopath Says Harper Lee

Commentary on the forthcoming book about Harper Lee, The Mockingbird Next Door.

Great News for Mystery Fans: New Elmore Leonard Stories!

For all of us who have read every existing Elmore Leonard story, here comes some more:

Poet/Musician Patti Smith Wins Tribune Literary Award

The best news here is that there will be a sister volume to the wonderful Just Kids.

Authors’ Earnings Decline

Here’s a big surprise:

New Poem from Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

Beyond Prophecy and Wealth


…I spent the day’s energies

emptying the bookshelf

of all my dusty ornaments,


then tinkered with a Greek

I can never say why, lexicon to lexicon,

after a few words at a splintered oar –

lost in a sea I shall never see


and returned to my own words

lost at last in their own electricity,

without youth or hope or strength

beyond the balls of dust


and the shallow breathing

of an afternoon content

with small accomplishments.

Interesting New Twist on Reading

From Friends volunteer Joseph Jordan comes this article on yet another way to make books available to readers.

Will Self on the Dubious State of the Literary Novel

In case yesterday’s posting had you wondering…

Golden Crown Literary Society Awards List 2014: Women and Words