Fate, a new poem from Neeli Cherkovski


It’s a language I want to love
because it sits on my shoulder
all through a summer’s evening
before Autumn
re-arranges the furniture
and Vulcan
drops a bottle of sloe gin
on my shoes

I guess it’s supposed to be good
being an old man
but I’m harassed
and my privacy invaded by men
for whom poetry
is a dribble of rancid honey

it is necessary to sing
for the concrete shoulders
of David
with his elegant torso
rooted to Tuscan earth

and just as fine to catalogue
the rapid decay of my eyes and lips
when I walk slowly into the mirror

all those speakers
of the language
went before me, and I will not be damned
beyond what the laws
of poesy demand

I am going to a deposition
to be fried for telling the truth

to be torn in half
and pasted together again
for another man’s gain

I want to have honey
from David
on my lips
that day

National Book Award, Long List, Poetry


National Book Awards, Fiction Long List


Ferlinghetti’s Dream

Here’s a good idea from Lawrence Ferlinghetti.



Bibliohead in Hayes Valley

For ten years now–hard to believe it’s been then years–Bibliohead has served the Hayes Valley community and the city at large with a well-curated selection of new and used books.  Now they will be closing the shop on Gough and reopening, we hope, in a new location.  Meanwhile, all books are 25% off.




New Poem from Neeli Cherkovski

Guerra sucia

you sleep
and trouble comes easily
like a radio taxi pulling up at the corner
and you enter

we have more of the same

and lapses in morality

loss of tone

white becomes blue

sky turns into a lake

folks sail over the horizon

nobody knows what I’m doing here
said the old man a rag doll of a man


a stone on your lips
outside in the wilderness where time
arrives in a different measure

the unhappiness weighs heavily
over the town

joven, you are so sweet
in the body of the plane
I’d as soon lift you
overhead, store you in a fingertip

the city rattles and roars
in a miraculous manner

the exterminator comes out
of hiding

una Guerra sucia

how many of you
I’ll never sit next to
in the theater or in a cab
racing down the grand boulevard?

a dirty war
to emphasize
the impossible

a dirty war of roses

a dirty row of men in uniform

a dirty smirk of love

goodbye to the memory

the least we can do
is touch the upper chambers of the sky
and sail

white on white

it is September and cold
on the tip of the tides

high on the rooftop
an angel
I’d hide him
on a meadow
by the ruins

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